I decided that I will not sit home on my days off, life is short and getting shorter.  I am sure there are many of you with time on your hands that  feel the same way.  Why should we be sitting home all alone when we can do so many interesting things together as a group.  

 Here is my plan.....

 I will be putting together a list of events that I feel we will all enjoy doing. If you are interested in joining us I will be sending out emails on a regular basis keeping you informed of any events that are in the works.

I am setting up a separate email list specifically for this group only. Please send me your email address and any suggestions you may have. Click on our contact page...

Swimming Pool Parties

Day on a cruise ship

                  A Group trip to Key West  when I will be singing at

                                   "The Green Parrott".

           We will arrange for a bus to take you back and forth.

The bus will leave here at 8 a.m. and leave The Green Parrott at 7 p.m.

‚Äč Having you back by 11 p.m.

            For more information click on Key West on top.

Welcome to our website


Here are some examples of things we can do as a group.......

This will take place on a Sunday in May or June.

The Joey Dale "Lets do it" Club