This will be the largest SCAVENGER HUNT ever held.

                                    Over $15,000 in prizes

 Anyone in the USA can join, it will be fun and easy.

It will be held on Sunday Jan. 28th, 2018 and will begin at 10 A.M. EST.

The scavenger list will be posted on this site at 10 A.M. for all entries to view at the exact same time.

We suggest that you take a picture of the list for all your members to carry with them or simply print it out.

  Donation will be $250.00  plus $25.00 per each member on the team including yourself.

All members on the team must be listed on your entry form, you can increase it at any time prior to one week before the contest date (it must be received on or before Jan 21st).

When you collect all your items you will be asked to take a picture of yourself and the items together and Email it to us ASAP..

The email will be dated and have the exact time on it so that there will be no question as to which came first.

The picture must be clear enough to recognize each item or it will not be accepted.

The list will have 25 items on it but you only have to collect 20 of them.

Every item does exist and can be found. This is not a trick.

If no one reaches 20 items within three hours the prize will go to the team collecting the most items.

When filing you application you must include:

*three different pictures of yourself


*your full name and home address 

*Email address

* your telephone number.

*List the names and tel numbers of each member on your team, in case you cannot be reached.

     1st  Place           $10,000

   2nd Place           $3000

   3rd  Place           $2000

If you have any questions Email us at

​    Proceeds of this event will go to "The Wounded Warriors"